from Shadow Syndicate

Witty, bold and honest, Schism tackles truths about society and the anguish of modern adolescence. Taking womanhood, religion and serious self-reflection head on, armed only with some rhythm and rhyme. A collection of spoken word poems from a young writer, Schism will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Written as a dyslexic’s way of processing emotions, often as a form of procrastination. These poems hold significant emotional value, as the genuine reactions of a young woman with a loud voice and a lot to say. Unapologetically truthful SCHISM is the commentary of someone finding their own opinions about big existential questions like is there a god? And smaller ones like why can't I remember my house key? 

Drawing on her personal experiences, observations and a strong dose of sarcasm, Schism is written for the masses, by one of the unheard (Unnoticed, Unseen), who has been waiting for their voice to be heard, and now….they have a microphone. For the loud girls in the back of the room and the quiet ones at the front, It's for the fighters with the biggest hearts and the lovers with the strong right hook.  It's for the protesters and the powerless and anyone in between.  A heartfelt and humorous look at the joyride that is young adulthood, SCHISM is a necessary and important  response to the 21st century teenage years. 

Mon 17th July, 4pm

Tue 18th July, 1.30pm

Wed 19th July, 4pm

Run time: 45 minutes